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Our SAP Services are designed to support professionals in safety-sensitive positions, ensuring compliance and well-being.

What are SAP Services?

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services cater to professionals in roles where safety is paramount. These services are crucial for those who’ve violated drug and alcohol regulations, ensuring they receive the right evaluation, treatment, and follow-up.

Why Opt for Our SAP Services?

Safety-sensitive positions come with immense responsibility. Our SAP services are tailored to ensure that professionals in these roles are equipped to meet their duties without the influence of drugs or alcohol. With a team of certified SAPs, we ensure a thorough evaluation, recommend appropriate education or treatment, and conduct necessary follow-up tests.

Our Comprehensive SAP Process

Our SAP services are not just about identifying the problem but ensuring a holistic solution. We begin with a detailed evaluation to understand the nature and extent of the substance use. Based on this, we recommend the right education or treatment. Once the recommended course is completed, we conduct a follow-up evaluation to ensure compliance and readiness to return to duty.

Guidance for Employers

Ensuring the safety and compliance of your workforce is paramount. If you’re an employer with safety-sensitive positions, our SAP services can provide the necessary evaluations and recommendations to ensure your team meets DOT regulations and other standards.

Voices of Compliance and Recovery

The effectiveness of our SAP services is best expressed by those who’ve undergone the process and successfully returned to their roles, fully compliant and more informed

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Xuehui Gui

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Xuehui Gui

Ensuring Safety, Compliance, and Recovery

In roles where safety can’t be compromised, our SAP Services stand as a beacon of compliance and recovery. If you or someone in your organization needs SAP services, we’re here to guide, evaluate, and recommend the best course of action.

Stories of Recovery

Ready to Start?

Taking the first step towards recovery can change everything. If you or someone you know needs help, our outpatient treatment is here. Contact us to learn more.